Social Media Policy

If someone were to send me a friend request on Facebook or try to follow me on Twitter then i would want them to let me know why or if we had met before.

If someone sents me a friend request i check if i know the person or if we have similar friends. If someone sends me a friend request that i don’t recognize i will usually send them a message asking about if we have met and if not why they wanted to befriend me. I won’t accept friend requests from people i don’t know.

When it comes to privacy, i only put information out that i would normally tell to anyone and therefore i don’t block any information from my friends. I do however block information from people i don’t befriend in order to keep personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.

I do get annoyed with people when they update their status more than necessary. But other than that i believe everything people do is their own choice.

When i share data i don’t expect to make friends with people who i don’t know, but i do think that people can learn more about me by checking my interests and what i update my status about.

I use different websites for different things. I use Facebook to talk and communicate with friends. I use Skype to communicate with friends and be able to see them at the same time. I use Twitter to learn about things that are going on in the world.


Blogs are everywhere

There are numerous blogs on the web and there is one out there for everyone. I chose to read a blog about newer movies and information on movies still in development. The blog is called The Movie Blog and it has information ranging from awards given to directors for outstanding movies to announcing that movie trailers are now available to watch. I was really excited to find out that the production of the new movie Thor will begin in January. I have been a fan of the marvel movies and I think they are made well and for all audiences, not just people who love comics. It’s always good to get opinions about movies before you see them as well, because it stinks when you spend money on a movie that turns out to be really bad.

Another blog i read was PostSecret. It’s a blog where people tell some of their secrets anonymously. When reading some of them I laughed and also felt bad for some of them. One secret that i saw that really made me feel bad was “The morning after you hit our 10-year old daughter, we all stood there and watched as a fan asked for your autograph”. It makes people realize that people change when they are around certain people and sometimes it can be in a bad way. Everyone has their secrets, even celebrities. One that made me laugh was “As i stood in line at the bookstore in my freshman year, a sorority recruiter passed me over in favor of the two prettier girls in line directly behind me. Now 5 years later, i’m starting graduate school with a teaching fellowship. I won’t be able to help thinking about those recruiters when i grade the sorority girls’ papers.”. I thought this was funny and it shows that things you do can come back to you in the long run.


I listened to a podcast called Imprint. It is a podcast made by the creaters of MuggleCast, a podcast about Harry Potter. During the podcast they talked about various aspects of the book. They went in depth on their theries about what the cover of the fourth book symbolized and why it was so different from the other three. They went over a few things that i had never even really thought about such as the opening verse in the fourth book. It came from the bible and they had thoughts about how it corresponded to the Twilight Series. They also talked about the fact that some people who are Harry Potter fans totally hate Twilight. In reality however they showed that the fan base for Twilight is usually also fans of Harry Potter because the stories both have a fantasy or mythical world. I have read both of these books and i like to see other peoples opinion on certain things. One thing is that i thought the first movie for Twilight wasn’t that good, and i like to hear other people’s opinion. I do however have some prejudice against the movie because once you read the book the movie is never as good. I chose Imprint because i saw that MuggleCast was highly rated on Podcast Alley. When i searched for twilight it came up with a lot of different podcasts, but i found that Imprint was made by the same people who have a highly rated podcast already. I wanted to listen to people who knew what they were talking about and had already planned ahead. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in Twilight and MuggleCast if they are interested in Harry Potter.

Sex Signals

I attended a seminar on Sex at my College. It was required for my class, but i probably would have gone anyway. It was extremely funny and informative. It was run by a guy and girl in their late twenty’s. They have been doing this show for a number of years and they are really good at improvising. They would ask the audience for pick-up lines to use in their skit and i still remember the ones that were used at my show. The most memorable one was a growling noise that no one could understand so they took it as a dinosaur or bear growl. Part way through the show they switched to a serious topic of rape. It was about a guy who was accused of rape, but there wasn’t enough information to confirm it. They asked us what we thought about the story and if we thought he actually raped her, and i think he did because they said that she said no and he continued. Also they said that she went limp and i think that she might have been unconscious even though she didn’t have much to drink. Overall i thought the seminar was good and it opened some peoples eyes to what can happen if you’re not careful. They had good information and answered any questions that anyone had. They have been doing this performance every year for the new freshman and i think it helps and that they should continue to perform at Georgia Southern in the future.

One Week of Twitter

For one week i had to use Twitter. It’s a site that allows you to communicate with people online. At first i thought it was pretty stupid and the same thing as updating my facebook status. I would check it during the day whenever i checked my facebook, and i tweeted whatever was on my mind at the time. Since i checked quite a bit over the entire week i finished all 20 of the required tweets by the end of the week. I didn’t follow many people other than my other classmates, and if i had that probably would have made twitter seem more interesting to me. Towards the end of the week i began to like twitter a bit. It was a good source of information and allowed me to know what was going on. I remember reading a tweet from my professor to one of my other classmates about how to include a picture with our blog posts and this helped me out because i couldn’t figure it out either. Twitter also helped me get five bonus points because i saw that my professor posted a tweet and if we responded to it we would get bonus points. I think Twitter is a usefull tool for jobs, keeping up with friends, and finding out news. I might go back to twitter later on in my life because it seemed more professional than facebook, but for right now all i really need is something to keep in touch with my friends and facebook allows me to do that perfectly.

Ropes Course

Last week my FYE class did a ropes course with Southern Adventures. They started us off by throwing a tennis ball around and learning everyones name. Once we all knew each other pretty well they had special tasks we had to complete. The one i found to be the most difficult was the human knot. 5-6 people grab hands across from them and make a knot and the objective is to untangle yourselves without letting go of each other. The group i was in didn’t manage to untangle ourselves, but it was funny trying to solve it. The next task we had to do was to get in order on a log by our favorite animals weight. This was easier than it sounds, but at first we had a lot of difficulty because we couldn’t talk and it was hard to communicate with just animal noises. The last thing we did was go into a maze blindfolded and we had to try to find our way out. The trick to this was there was only one way out and that was to ask for help. I think i was the last one to ask for help because i thought there was an actual finish and i wanted to get to it on my own. The entire event was fun and i would recommend it to anyone. It made our group know more about each other and learn how to cooperate with one another. One of the main goals of our FYE class is to make connections with other people. The ropes course was a fun way for our class to interact with each other. If we were to do another Southern Adventures course later in the semester i think it would be a good reminder of what we learned the first time and hopefully we will be able to do all the challenges easier.

All of us

All of us